Complete Your Essay In Hour Or Less: Fast Writing Hints

Essays can take a lot of time and effort. It is hard to keep up with everything, when there are many assignments with deadlines and if you have a lot going on. We can understand that, because nobody really wants to write for hours and days. It can help you when you know how to compose the paper in less than an hour. You will save time and you can still get a good grade. We know some ways that will definitely help you to do this and here are some of our best tips:


When we say that you should plan, than we mean by that, that you should really think about the time when you will write it. If you are free on the weekend, than you should find an hour when you know that you won't be disturbed and when you will have the energy to think fast and to be fast when it comes to writing. You can pick the morning,because that is the time when we usually have the best concentration and when we have energy to complete difficult tasks. When you have found that one hour when you will write, you can move to the next step.

Make a concept/outline

Maybe it sounds like it will take more time, but actually it won't. When you take a few minutes to write an outline, it will save you a lot of time, when you move on to the real paper. You can do your reserch and determine your thesis statement. Think about the topic and what you want to mention. Gather the information and put it on the paper. Structure the information with paragraphs and decide what you want to mention and what is important. Write a few points for the introduction, the main paragraph and conclusion. You should also think about your opinion, because it is very important for your professor to see your point of view. When you have the outline, everything is easier.

Write the essay based on the outline

This should now be the easiest part. You have the outline and you know what you need to include. You just have to put it in clear and easy to understand sentences. Start the introduction with a catchy sentence, where you explain what the essay is about. Write 5-10 sentences where the reader will get an idea about your topic and what will be discussed. Move on to the main part, take a look at your outline and start writing. Mention your key points and discuss every point in a few sentences or make paragraphs with these points. You should be clear and explain everything so that you can move on to the conclusion and give your opinion. You can write a few sentences and tell about what you think and what you would do, depending on the topic. You can also refer to the introduction and use the conclusion to give an answer to the introduction, if there was a question or something that was not clear before. The conclusion stays in the readers mind longer and you should make sure that you impress the reader by it. Use shorter sentences, where you explain your point of view.

You will be able to create an essay with these tips in less than one hour and you will still have the chance to get an excellent grade. Remember that the outline is the best way to save time and effort.