A List of Interesting Topics for Your Analysis Essay

Writing an analysis essay should be a pleasure. You definitely need to use this chance in order to impress both your peers and teachers. However, you will only be able to achieve this kind of result if the topic you choose is relevant, interesting, and original.

Here are a few suggestions that might inspire you:

  1. Why does the feeling of romantic attraction fade with time?
  2. Human relationships is a topic that people love to discuss. Offer your own ideas on the subject and do some thorough research. Explain most popular theories about this issue to your audience and offer your arguments for and against them.

  3. Age-related memory deterioration.
  4. In this paper, you will need to offer your ideas regarding the issue of people naturally losing their memories when they get older. You will also need to touch upon the subject of diseases that exacerbate this condition (e.g. Alzheimer’s).

  5. Why do people dream?
  6. Focus this paper on both biological and psychological side of the process and explain how they are connected. Is it possible to “read” someone’s dreams?

  7. Why do some people develop gambling addition while others can play without becoming a gambler?
  8. To answer this question, you will need to study many books on psychology and behaviorism. Explain how this kind of addiction forms and identify the factors that make a person more prone to developing addiction to gambling.

  9. Is there such a thing as love at first sight?
  10. Offer logical explanation corroborated by facts and statistics. Regardless of which side of the argument you decide to support in your paper, it will be very important to study your opposition. Then, use the information you’ve learned to shot down every single one of the opposition can use to defend their views.

  11. Why is it so hard to fight sugar cravings?
  12. Explain how sugar acts inside your body and how much damage it causes to your overall health. Why is it as addictive as any drug? Offer tips on how to cope with excluding sugar from your diet.

  13. Why do some people develop dyslexia?
  14. Offer both biological and psychological information. Try to come up with ideas on how to treat this condition.

  15. Why do people become introverts or extraverts?
  16. Provide your own explanation as well as the conclusions made by renowned psychologists. You should also leave some room in your paper to include your suggestions regarding how to assist these polar opposites to socialize and integrate into society.

  17. What makes people join gangs?
  18. This essay will be impressive if you manage to interview some people who chose his route.

  19. What makes teenagers try drugs?