Argument Of Fact Essay Topics – 10 Prompts To Help You Get Started

One of the key areas students are required to focus on at any level of academia is how to go about argumentative essay writing. This important because most of the times, you will be required to approach and partake on a topic with a mind that is free and ready to discuss issues in a creative manner. While there are those students who find this is an easy take, beginners most of the times experienced challenges when it comes to formulating ideal topics. It should be noted that learning in this age is student-centered, in which case, everything is left to learners including topic creation. This calls for one to be widely and extensively read. You must read with a mission to understand the bits and bytes of a literary piece which takes into account structure, format, and style and among other elements of writing.

Creativity is a must at all times if you want to be at par with good essayists. To this end, the question whose answers you should be seeking is where to get good argumentative writing prompts and if not, how can you come up with such? If you are a creative student, it is an easy take to come up with good writing prompts of argumentative nature. While this may take some time, the need to find something ready is also important and that is why in this post, we take you through some argumentative essay topics to get started. Note that this are also prompts to help you come up with even more creative topics. So read on for details.

  • Writing an argumentative paper based on facts is something that has been done for many years now and so, a good prompt to get you started should be on something like terrorism. With facts, argue how terrorism is a major contributor to deaths in today’s world
  • Global warming is also another good prompt under which you can come up with great topics
  • A factual argument on how radicalization of the jobless youths has contributed to instability in many countries is also an area you can look into
  • Aid and pandemic diseases
  • School drop outs and underage pregnancies in third world countries
  • Illegal mining and facts that senior government officials in DRC Congo are involved
  • A fact sheet presentation on child trafficking for sex trade
  • Illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean
  • Violation of human rights by security agencies. The case of killer Cop
  • Technology and enhanced learning. A look at China