Expert’s Advice on How to Write a High-Quality Essay

Writing essays are a part of our academic careers from the very initial stages. With the passage of time, the importance and quality of the essay bear a great deal of weight. While there is a childish innocence in our early essays, a sense of maturity with a blend of facts and well versed emotions take over later.

The demands for better quality increase as we move up in life. There are some experts tips that can help you procure an essay that can be deemed as better than average quality.

The advice is divided in sub-categories depending on the type of essay.


Most used to narrate events, incidents, or fiction, this type of essays are very popular among students of literature and language.

  • If the topic can be given an autobiographical outlook, opt for a first person narrative.
  • For a story based on an event, a third person narrative gives an outsider’s point of view. You can also switch between first and third person narrative.
  • Make sure that characters are descriptive and have a lasting effect on the reader’s mind.
  • Use dialogue if and when necessary, and make a clear portrayal of emotions.


Descriptive essays are often written to describe an event, or a landscape, place, etc. They form a picture in the reader’s mind.

  • Use appropriate vocabulary to justify a description.
  • When describing beauty, use figures of speech like simile, and metaphor to form an association in the minds of readers.
  • Descriptive essays are brought to life with the use of wordplay, dynamic colour descriptions, and proper insight.
  • Be imaginative, otherwise your readers will not see it in your writing.


Expository essays are based on factual understanding and explanation of the topic.

  • Use your knowledge to place appropriate facts that will go with the topic.
  • Detail your facts even if they are fictional. It makes them more believable.
  • Use your critical thinking and understanding to provide logical interpretations.
  • Use association with other similar topics to pack a punch.


Argumentative essays compare and contrast two different points of view in the form of an argument to establish a final conclusion.

  • Define both the contrasting topics.
  • Use paragraphs to argue on each opposing characters.
  • Follow a logical chain of thought to make it easier for your readers.