Composing An Interesting 4-Page Essay About Yourself

Perhaps the most operative, popular and determinate interview question is – Say something about you. It is immensely interesting that you live with yourself all your life and are aware of every attribute of yours and yet, when somebody asks you to define yourself, you smell the gunpowder.

Convenience of writing

Now, composing a 4-page essay about yourself falls admittedly in a different territory. Here, you get the time to make a schematic and critical enquiry into your personality and glean out all the essentials in a refined manner.

Direct point

You can start with the constitutionals; a general background and straightaway enter a genre you are comfortable in. Take a route you will like to ensconce in and suggest the prints you have gathered till now. The essay should be a methodical assimilation; not a fanciful worm.

  • So, the first page is about your heredity and environment. How you have had the germ to succeed in a particular genre and how you were directed towards that by some influential people who graced your life.
  • Use the second page of your essay in your balanced assessments; how you have been continuously defeated by situations. How you have taken your time in getting more grounded in helpful avenues in order to succeed in your dream. This page will bring in references from the past and so calibrate the essay with identification.
  • The third page will be positive; how you have sourced your path and are still traveling on it. Learning is a continuous curve but you have somehow rolled your bearings on the parabola. How you set short-term goals in order to reach the long-term ones. How you analyze what is beyond you and what may fall in your ambit. This essay page should be a lot more revealing future-wise.
  • The final page will be about your dreamt destination and how you feel; you are pretty near to getting on its terrains. How you know that you may have helping friends but the last thrust, the final flight is yours to take. Everyone makes that journey alone. How you aspire to be a beacon in your chosen field and make readers identify with the feasible strategies you are implementing on. This essay page is liberating in every sense of the word.

It is actually convenient to arouse interest in readers, since the piece is in narrative style and the possibilities are endless, considering it is your life you are talking about.