How To Create A Reflective Essay Introduction: Helpful Hints And Examples

The reflective essay is one of the most interesting types of assignments because they involve describing your personal experiences and narrate them in a way that the reader realizes you have become a better person. If you are to write a reflective paper, then you need to use the first person to narrate your experience or event that taught you a significant lesson.

An introduction is one of the most important things in any assignment because it is the first impression the reader will get from your paper. You can start an introduction using different strategies depending upon the material you have and the type of paper. Professional writers usually start the introduction with a hook that can engage the audience and leave a curiosity in their mind so that they want to continue reading the rest of your assignment. Here are few strategies to start an introduction properly

  1. You can start your paper with an assertion, which is the most popular method of doing it. An assertive example for a paper with the topic is our future embedded in our past would be our future is embedded in our past. This shows that you are confident about your stance in the paper and you will prove it eventually
  2. You may also start simply by defining the topic in your paper. Avoid already existing definitions and give your own self-created definition to show your creativity. For example you can start with defining love when talking about the topic Love is the strongest force on Earth for me
  3. A good idea to start an introduction of a reflective paper is a quotation. The quotation however should be relevant to your topic and the subject. This should be an effective and famous quotation from someone that can impress the readers
  4. You can start with explaining a scenario that you will end on as well. You can open the paper with the last event in the chronological order and then complete the circle in the last paragraph

These ideas will help you start a good introduction for your paper. What you need to keep in mind is to keep your ideas original and real. Do not copy anyone’s style and only use expert papers as a guide. Make sure that the paper is brief and precise in the first paragraph.